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Miami part 2

March 17-20 2012

Friday- today was rehearsals for the wedding. Good lord the beach is beautiful. ;A; We had a “before-wedding dinner” with both sides of the family. At night I roomed with my cousin so it’d be easier to get make-up and hair done in the morning.

Saturday- LOL the stylists were jokes, not to mention damn talented :D The wedding was beautiful :’) My heels killed me and It rained near the end, but it’s all cool, we danced under the balcony thingy and I brought slippers. :)

Sunday- BEACH TINGSSSS. I was only in the sun for about an hour and a half but I still got tanned pretty well. After that we went to go find the moms in Marshals lolol. Phillip Ho’s for dinnerrrr.

Monday- Last day here :( We went shopping again, but mostly to return whatever stuff we didn’t like from the previous days’ buys. Had dinner with our side of the fam on Collin’s ave. It was a side-walk restaurant with amazing live music. One guy played guitar and the other guy played violin and it was fabulous omg. Got back to the hotel room after missions to return the rental car and packed up :(

Tuesday- Flight was at 2:45p.m., got home at like 7-ish, and then went to visit my cousin’s week-old baby boy :’) he’s soooooo cuuuuuuuuuute